About In Home Wellbeing Counselling and Support 


Sarah is passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals and families of children with special needs and with mental health challenges. During her time as a disability support worker and participating in early intervention programs with children with autism spectrum disorder, Sarah developed a deep understanding of the complexities that often lie within the world of disability and how they can challenge the individual but also the family as a whole, often taking its toll physically, mentally and emotionally. Sarah also observed how strongly all of these factors could impact the food relationship and eating behaviour. As such, Sarah takes a strong holistic, hands on approach in working with young people (and their families) affected by the challenges of restricted eating or food aversion.

First and foremost, Sarah strives to establish rapport and connection with her clients and then, within the safety of the established therapeutic relationship, Sarah joins with her clients in exploring food in a safe, non- intrusive, creative and fun way through play, cooking, and sensory engagement. With her adult clients, Sarah is creative in her approach and counselling sessions may include cooking together, exploring mindful eating and gentle walks in nature.

Counselling sessions usually follow an intitial nutrition consultation and are incorporated into a treatment plan to help cultivate behaviour change. Sarah values the principles of the Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility, Intuitive Eating and the RAVES approach and tailors her methods to suit the individual, the primary goal to nurture self compassion, empowerment and a postive food relationship. Sarah is a non-registered NDIS provider of this service. 


A keen cook and recipe developer, through a personalised, in home service, Sarah also loves to help others develop their confidence and independence by teaching them how to plan for, cook and prepare delicious, balanced meals around their personal health goals, abilities and schedule, while also teaching her clients and their families nutrition basics and how they can nourish their own wellbeing. Clients can choose from a range of Sarah's nutritious recipes and each cooking session will engage learning, curiosity and creativity to inspire healthy eating. Meal planning and shopping trips can also be incorporated into these sessions for skill building. Sarah also enjoys teaching other support workers how to cook and prepare healthy meals for their client to support their long term health and needs. Sarah's unique support services can be funded by the NDIS under plan or self management. Massage can also be utilised to complement these services, in exclusion to NDIS funding. 


In home counselling support and cooking sessions range between 90min to 2hrs and are priced at $150, however longer sessions and a pricing plan can be worked out based on individual needs, travel fees may apply. Recipes and learning tools will be provided in each session. Sarah can organise ingredients for each session at an additional cost that will be invoiced to the client. Alternatively, clients will be given a shopping list of ingredients to purchase prior to each sesison. Cook along and counselling support sessions are also available via telehealth if living outside of Brisbane. Assistance from a caregiver or support worker may be required for these virtual sessions. 


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Cooking Sessions