Sarah has a strong passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals and families of children with special needs and with mental health challenges. During her time spent with individuals and families as a disability support worker and participating in early intervention programs with children with autism spectrum disorder, Sarah has developed a deep understanding of the complexities that often lie within the world of disability and how they can challenge the individual but also the family as a whole, often taking its toll physically, mentally and emotionally, often impacting food relationships and eating behaviour. As such, Sarah takes a strong holistic, hands on approach in working with young people (and their families) affected by the challenges of restricted eating or food aversion, aiming first to establish rapport and connection with her clients before exploring food in a safe, non- intrusive, creative and fun way through cooking, food play and sensory engagement. Sarah incorporates the principles of the Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility and Intuitive Eating into her practice to nurture healthy food relationships. 


A keen cook and recipe developer, through a personalised, in home service, Sarah also loves to help others develop their independence by teaching them how to plan for, cook and prepare delicious, balanced meals around their personal needs, abilities and schedule, while also teaching her clients and their families about they can nurture their own wellbeing. Sarah also enjoys teaching other support workers how to cook and prepare healthy meals for their client to support their long term health and needs. Sarah's unique support services can be funded by the NDIS under plan or self management. Massage and nutritional therapy can also be utilised to complement these services, in exclusion to NDIS funding. 


About In Home Wellbeing Support 

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