Nutritional Medicine 

Nutritional Medicine provides a holistic outlook on how nutrition impacts health, the relationship between diet and disease, as well as a focused understanding of how nutritional, dietary and lifestyle factors impact one's wellbeing. To find out more CLICK HERE 

Relaxation Massage Therapy/Sensory Feedback 

Modern studies have shown that relaxation massage therapy has been beneficial in treating a broad range of conditions including chronic stress, anxiety, back or neck pain, depression, headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia. To find out more CLICK HERE

In Home Wellbeing Counselling and Support for All Abilities

As a keen cook and recipe developer, Sarah offers a personalised, in home service to help others develop their independence by teaching them how to plan for, cook and prepare delicious, balanced meals suited to their personal needs, abilities and schedule. Sarah also helps individuals (and their families) navigate their way through disordered and restricted eating behaviour. To find out more CLICK HERE