Kind Words

Sarah has been working with our intellectual and non verbal 21 year old daughter for the past year. Sarah has been a valuable and wonderful person in Laura’s life with her development out in the community, personal skills and communication. Sarah has handled Laura’s behaviour challenges with patience and professionalism and her calm, caring and happy nature are a breath of fresh air in today’s society. We would highly recommend Sarah to any family who needs a fabulous carer. 

Sharon, QLD 

Thank you for all of your help and support this year and thank you for teaching me about certain foods that are really healthy. I have loved cooking with you and learning about nutrition and what certain foods are good for the heart and gut. Your advice is really helpful and interesting, and I really admire you for helping me this year. Thank you for inspiring me to try new foods and healthy recipes, and for all of your support. 

Caitlin, QLD

Our daughter has intellectual disabilities that is further complicated with bowel disease and serious allergies. As a result, she developed extreme anxiety around food and health, became very rigid in her diet and suspicious of any advice or intervention. Her disabilities also caused her to have little confidence in the kitchen and she became scared of being close to heat in order to cook. On receiving our first NDIS plan we were keen to source some assistance in order to encourage our daughter to adopt some lifelong healthy habits around nutrition, exercise and health. Sarah, through relentless patience, perseverance, gentle persuasion, role modelling, understanding, and an innate desire to educate herself about her client’s challenges has completely turned my daughter’s life around. With support, she is now cooking, has developed an active interest in learning about food and nutrition, enjoying movement like tennis, pilates, swimming and making great healthy decisions about how she can diversify her diet. She’s also trying new foods and modifying recipes to make them healthier. It’s truly inspirational to see them working together and our whole family has benefitted from the insight Sarah has provided.
Jayne, QLD